Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Winners in Season 11

Dancing with the Stars Winners in Season 11: Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (Champion), Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer (runner-up) and Bristol Pallin and Mark Ballas (third place). Dancing with the Stars Season 11 only Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey made it to the finals.

Actress Jennifer Grey won television's "Dancing With the Stars" contest on Tuesday, beating Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin in the finale. Jennifer Grey, "Dirty Dancing," was named champion.

Kyle Massey, 19 year old, a former "That's So Raven" Disney Channel child star, was runner-up.

Bristol Palin, 20 year old, the daughter of conservative politician Sarah Palin, ended in third place.

The winner was determined by a combination of scores from the show's three judges and what producers said was a record amount of votes from the audience at home of more than 20 million viewers.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Dancing with the Stars (Champion)